All Meritor offices will be closed July 4, 2018 in observation of the holiday.

Code of Ethics

All of our employees, including our chief executive officer, chief financial officer and controller, and all non-employee members of our Board of Directors, are required to comply with our corporate policies regarding standards of business conduct and conflicts of interest. These policies have been in place since the company's inception. The purpose of these corporate policies is to insure that our business is conducted in a consistently legal and ethical manner.

These corporate policies form the basis of a comprehensive process that includes compliance with all Meritor policies and procedures; training and certification; and procedures for reporting violations. The policies include such areas as conflicts of interest, protecting sensitive information, gifts and payments, export controls, environmental compliance, and adherence to other laws and regulations applicable to the conduct of our business. All employees undergo training at the time of hire to familiarize them with our Standards of Business Conduct and Conflicts of Interest policies, and participate in periodic refresher courses to keep their knowledge up to date. Also, all salaried employees must certify annually as to their awareness of any conflicts of interest.

Employees are obligated to report any conduct that they believe in good faith to be an actual or apparent violation of Meritor's Standards of Business Conduct and Conflicts of Interest policies. Procedures are in place for the reporting of each such complaint to either the complainant's supervisor, the employee Helpline, the office of the general counsel or the Business Standards Compliance Committee (composed of representatives of Internal Audit, Human Resources and Legal), and for subsequent investigation and resolution of each complaint. Reports through the Helpline can be made anonymously.