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Item 1.01 Conflict Minerals Disclosure and Report

For the year ended December 31, 2018, based upon the results of its due diligence, Meritor, Inc. (“Meritor”) is unable to exclude the presence of “conflict minerals” (as defined in Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 (the “Dodd-Frank Act”)) in certain of its products or to determine the origin of any conflict minerals in its manufactured products. Accordingly, Meritor cannot exclude the possibility that some of its products contain conflict minerals which may have originated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or an “adjoining country” (as defined in Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act). As a result, Meritor is filing a Conflict Minerals Report as Exhibit 1.01 to this Form SD.

Conflict Minerals Disclosure

A copy of the Meritor’s Conflict Minerals Report is filed as Exhibit 1.01 to this Form SD and is publicly available at www.meritor.com.

Item 1.02 Exhibit

The Conflict Minerals Report required by Item 1.01 is filed as Exhibit 1.01 to this Form SD.


Item 2.01 Exhibits

Exhibit 1.01 – Conflict Minerals Report as required by Items 1.01 and 1.02 of this Form SD.


Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the duly authorized undersigned.


By: /s/ April Miller Boise         May 28, 2019
       April Miller Boise (Date)
Senior Vice President, Chief Legal  
Officer & Corporate Secretary

Conflict Minerals Report

For The Year Ended December 31, 2018

This report, for the year ended December 31, 2018, is presented to comply with Rule 13p-1 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the “Conflict Minerals Rule”). The Conflict Minerals Rule was adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to implement reporting and disclosure requirements related to conflict minerals as directed by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 (“Dodd-Frank Act”). The Conflict Minerals Rule imposes certain reporting obligations on SEC registrants whose manufactured products contain conflict minerals which are necessary to the functionality or production of their products. “Conflict Minerals” are defined as cassiterite, columbite-tantalite, gold, wolframite and their derivatives, which are limited to tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold (“3TG”). These requirements apply to registrants whatever the geographic origin of the Conflict Minerals and whether or not they fund armed conflict.

Each registrant must submit a Form SD which describes the reasonable country of origin inquiry completed by the registrant and, if the registrant is unable to establish that the Conflict Minerals originated from sources other than the Democratic Republic of the Congo or certain adjoining countries (the “Covered Countries”) or from recycled or scrap sources or elects not to disclose the source of its Conflict Minerals, then the registrant must also submit a Conflict Minerals Report to the SEC that includes a description of its due diligence efforts on the Conflict Minerals source and chain of custody.

1. Company Overview

This report has been approved by the management of Meritor, Inc. (herein referred to as “Meritor”, “we”, “us” or “our”). The information includes the activities of all majority-owned subsidiaries and any less than majority-owned subsidiaries that are consolidated in Meritor’s financial results. It does not include the activities of any entities that are not required to be consolidated in Meritor’s financial results, except to the extent that those entities supply products to Meritor which may contain any of the Conflict Minerals.

Meritor is a premier global supplier of a broad range of integrated systems and components to original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) and the aftermarket for the commercial vehicle, transportation and industrial sectors. Meritor serves commercial truck, trailer, off-highway, military, bus and coach and other industrial OEMs and certain aftermarkets. Our principal products are axles, undercarriages, drivelines, brakes and braking systems.

Supply Chain

Due to the complexity of our products and the number of direct suppliers supplying products to Meritor, we rely on our direct suppliers to provide information on the origin of the 3TG contained in the products they supply to us—including sources of 3TG that are supplied to them from their lower tier suppliers. Accordingly, in 2018, Meritor published a new version of our Supplier Quality System Requirements (“SQSR”) manual which is incorporated by reference into our purchase orders and other agreements and which obligates our suppliers to exercise due diligence on the source and chain of custody of any Conflict Minerals incorporated in their products sold to Meritor and to report those findings to Meritor. To ensure that these findings are, in fact, reported to Meritor, we worked directly with a large group of selected suppliers, as described below.

The suppliers selected by Meritor for inquiry were those direct suppliers who supplied any production parts to Meritor in 2018, where the parts in question, by their nature, could potentially contain 3TG.

Reasonable Country of Origin Inquiry

Based upon the results of our due diligence, we are unable to rule out the presence of 3TG in certain of our products or to determine the origin of all 3TG which may be contained in our products. Accordingly, we cannot exclude the possibility that some of our products may contain 3TG which may have originated in one or more of the Covered Countries. For that reason, we are required, under the Conflict Minerals Rule, to submit a Conflict Minerals Report to the SEC as an exhibit to Form SD.

Because of our size, our global presence, the complexity of our products and the depth, breadth and constant changes within our supply base, it is difficult to identify those potential sources of 3TG upstream from our direct suppliers. Accordingly, we participate in an industry-wide initiative to determine those possible suppliers of 3TG as described in Section 2.2 below.

In accordance with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (“OECD”) Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas (“OECD Guidance”) and the Conflict Minerals Rule, this report is available on our website at http://meritor.com/policy/conflict-minerals-information.aspx.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Meritor is committed to working with our global supply chain to ensure compliance with the SEC’s conflict minerals rules. Meritor intends to source responsibly in support of its intent not to manufacture products that contain Conflict Minerals that support armed conflict in any of the Covered Countries. To that end, we have established a conflict minerals compliance program that is designed to follow the framework established by the OECD. As part of that program, Meritor requires that relevant suppliers conduct conflict minerals due diligence and report their results to us.

To help ensure that we source responsibly, we have also adopted an internal Conflict Minerals Policy to guide the conduct of our employees.

In addition, Meritor has published a Conflict Minerals Statement on our website at

2. Due Diligence Process

2.1. Design of Due Diligence

Our due diligence measures have been designed to conform, in all material respects, with the framework in the OECD Guidance and the related supplements for gold and for tin, tantalum and tungsten.

2.2. Management Systems

As described above, Meritor has adopted an internal Conflict Minerals Policy, for its employees, and a publicly available Conflict Minerals Statement which is posted at http://www.meritor.com.

Internal Team

Meritor has established a Conflict Minerals Team reporting to Meritor’s VP of Procurement. The core team includes representatives from our procurement, sales and legal groups, with support, as needed, from our IS and engineering groups. Senior management is periodically briefed about the results of our due diligence efforts.

Control Systems

Because we do not have any direct relationships with 3TG smelters and refiners, we are engaged, and actively participate, with other major manufacturers in the automotive industry and other sectors, in the Automotive Industry Action Group (“AIAG”) Conflict Minerals Work Group, an industry-wide initiative to disclose upstream actors in the supply chain.

In addition to adopting a Conflict Minerals Policy which outlines expected behaviors for all Meritor employees, our expectations for our suppliers are set forth in our SQSR manual.

Supplier Engagement

With respect to the OECD requirement to strengthen engagement with suppliers, we have contacted all relevant suppliers and asked them to complete, on the i-Point Conflict Minerals Platform, a CMRT Template (described in Section 3 below) and have followed up with all suppliers who failed to respond or who have provided inadequate or questionable responses.

Meritor Helpline Reporting

Through our internal Conflict Minerals Policy and the Conflict Minerals Statement on our website, we have encouraged our employees and suppliers to contact the Meritor Helpline to report instances in which Meritor’s products may contain Conflict Minerals from a Covered Country (other than from a scrap or recycled source) which have not already been discovered by, or reported to, Meritor or which Meritor may not have previously disclosed in its Form SD or its Conflict Minerals Report.

Records Maintenance

We intend to retain relevant documentation in accordance with Meritor’s standard records retention policies.

2.3. Identify and Assess Risk in the Supply Chain

Because of our size, our global presence, the complexity of our products and the depth, breadth and constant changes within our supply base, it is difficult to identify those potential sources of 3TG upstream from our direct suppliers. Accordingly, we participate in an industry-wide initiative to determine those possible suppliers of 3TG as described in Section 2.2 above.

Through Meritor’s internal systems and processes, we identified 513 direct suppliers whose products could potentially contain 3TG. We rely on those direct suppliers to provide us with information about the source of Conflict Minerals, if any, contained in the products they supply to us. In turn, those direct suppliers are similarly reliant upon information provided by their suppliers. Many of our largest direct suppliers are also SEC registrants and, therefore, are also subject to the Conflict Minerals Rule.

2.4. Design and Implement a Strategy to Identify and Respond to Risks

Meritor has an approved risk management plan, through which our conflict minerals program is implemented, managed and monitored.

As described above, we participate in the AIAG Conflict Minerals Work Group and their industry-wide initiatives to determine potential upstream suppliers of 3TG.

As part of our risk management plan, to ensure that our suppliers understand our expectations, we have described our intention to source responsibly in the Conflict Minerals Statement available on our website at http://meritor.com/policy/conflict-mineralsinformation.aspx, have referenced those expectations in our SQSR manual, have sent each of the suppliers whose products may contain 3TG information on the Conflict Mineral regulations, have encouraged our suppliers to join i-Point and to participate in i-Point’s educational seminars, and have encouraged our suppliers to contact members of our Conflict Minerals Team to address any questions they may have.

As described in our Conflict Minerals Policy, Meritor intends to source responsibly in support of its intent not to manufacture products that contain Conflict Minerals that support armed conflict in any of the Covered Countries.

2.5. Independent Third Party Audit of Supply Chain Due Diligence at Identified Points in the Supply Chain

We do not have a direct relationship with any 3TG smelters or refiners and do not perform or direct audits of these entities within our supply chain. We support audits through our active participation in the AIAG Conflict Minerals Work Group.

2.6. Report on Supply Chain Due Diligence

In addition to this report, see our website at https://www.meritor.com/policy/conflict-minerals-information for further information about our supply chain due diligence.

3. Due Diligence Results

Requests for Information

We conducted a survey of those direct suppliers described above using the template known as the Conflict Mineral Reporting Template (the “CMRT Template”). The CMRT Template was developed to facilitate disclosure and communication of information regarding smelters that provide material to a company’s supply chain. It includes questions regarding a company’s conflict-free policy, its engagement with its direct suppliers, and a listing of the smelters used by the company and its suppliers. In addition, the template contains questions about the origin of conflict minerals used in the supplier’s products, as well as the supplier’s own due diligence efforts. Written instructions, recorded training illustrating the use of this tool and the latest version of it are available on the “Responsible Minerals Initiative” (RMI) website (formerly known as the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative or CFSI). The CMRT Template is widely used by many companies in their due diligence processes related to Conflict Minerals. To ensure that we have received reliable responses from our suppliers, we reviewed all of our supplier responses against criteria we developed to determine which responses merited further inquiry with our suppliers. These criteria call for follow-up of untimely or incomplete responses as well as those containing inconsistencies within the data reported in the CMRT Template. In addition, we applied a higher level of scrutiny to responses from direct suppliers who are foundries and those who supply electronic components to Meritor. Where necessary, we have worked directly with these suppliers in order to obtain acceptable revised responses.

Survey Responses

Using the information gathered from our direct suppliers over the past several years as well as our internal business systems which track production shipments, Meritor contacted all of its suppliers whose products could potentially contain 3TG, including those suppliers who in previous reporting years responded that they had no 3TG in their products. Meritor received acceptable responses from all but 1 out of the 513 suppliers. Meritor’s spend with that one supplier was less than $3,000 for the 2018 calendar year.

Since 2013, one of Meritor’s stated Conflict Mineral goals has been to increase the percentage of “Product Level” declarations received from its suppliers who indicated the possible presence of 3TG in their products (a “Product Level” declaration being a response indicating whether the actual product supplied to Meritor by such supplier contained 3TG as opposed to a “Company Level” declaration meaning that the supplier sells products which contain 3TG, but cannot identify whether any 3TG is in the specific products sold to Meritor). Meritor assumed that, at a Product Level, fewer supplier responses would indicate the use of 3TG in the products being sold to Meritor and those responses would also show a smaller number of smelters as being involved in the production of those products. As in all previous reporting years, these assumptions were proven to have been correct.

In 2018, of the 513 suppliers surveyed, 55 (10.7%) reported some type of 3TG in their products. Of those 55 suppliers indicating the presence of 3TG, 11 of them provided a Product Level response, while the remaining 44 suppliers provided a Company Level response, meaning that 3TG may or may not actually be present in the components or materials that these suppliers provided to Meritor. In those 44 Company Level declarations, 26 (59%) reported that tin was the only 3TG present in their products, while the remaining 18 (41%) reported that other types of 3TG were present in the products they sell. By comparison, of the 11 Product Level supplier declarations, all 11 reported tin as their only 3TG in the products they sell to Meritor.

Meritor’s core team remains committed to increasing the percentage of Product Level declarations in its effort to more accurately identify the Meritor products which actually contain 3TG.

4. Efforts to Determine Mine or Location of Origin

Through our participation in the AIAG Conflict Minerals Work Group and by requesting that our suppliers complete the CMRT Template, we have determined that seeking information about 3TG smelters and refiners in our supply chain represents the most reasonable effort we can make to determine the mines or locations of origin of the 3TG, if any, in our supply chain.

Smelters or Refiners

For the 2018 reporting year, Meritor identified a total of 322 smelters whose names were provided on CMRT Template’s furnished by its suppliers. Relevant information about all smelters disclosed in Meritor’s supplier responses is set forth on Exhibit 1 to this Conflict Minerals Report. At the time of this report, 77% of the 322 smelters have been audited and are listed in the RMI’s public records as “Conformant” and another 2% are listed as “Active”, which means they have committed to the audit process and are at various stages of the audit cycle. The remaining 21% of the named smelters were listed by the RMI as “Alleged”, with CID numbers assigned to them by the RMI. The presence of a CID number indicates that the RMI is aware of the company being reported as a smelter/refiner and may be actively working to verify its status and potential compliance as a Conflict Free smelter. However the exact status of all “Alleged” smelters remains unknown as it is not published in RMI’s public information.

Meritor continues to monitor the RMI website for the status of those companies as part of its on-going due diligence and supports the further refinement and expansion of the list of conflict free smelters through our active participation in the AIAG Conflict Mineral Work Group and our association with i-Point.

While some of these smelters or refiners have been verified as being on the conflict free smelter list, other remaining mines or locations of origin of the 3TG in our products remain unknown. As to the companies responding “yes” to the presence of 3TG products in a Company Level declaration, Meritor is unable to determine whether any of the Conflict Minerals reported by these suppliers were in fact contained in products they supplied to Meritor, and is therefore unable to validate that any of the smelters or refiners identified by those suppliers are actually in our supply chain. Meritor’s experience indicates that many of those smelters identified in our suppliers’ Company Level declarations may not be involved in the specific products supplied to Meritor. Meritor’s conflict mineral team remains committed to increasing the percentage of Product Level declarations in its effort to more accurately identify which smelters are actually a part of Meritor’s supply chain.

5. Steps to be Taken to Mitigate Risks

For 2019, we intend to take the following steps to improve the due diligence we conduct in order to identify and mitigate any risk that the Conflict Minerals in our products could benefit armed groups in the Covered Countries:

a. Continue to work with our suppliers who have indicated the presence of 3TG at a Company Level to obtain Product Level declarations in an effort to more accurately determine which of their products actually contain 3TG, thereby allowing Meritor to better identify the specific smelters within the Meritor supply chain.

b. Proactively monitor CMRT’s upon arrival for any red-flagged smelter.

c. Assist Meritor’s Tier 1 suppliers to attain a higher response rate from their lower tier suppliers as a result of their supply chain due diligence.

d. Continue to educate our suppliers on Meritor’s higher expectations relating to Product Level responses and accurate smelter lists.

e. Work with any suppliers found to be supplying Meritor with 3TG from sources that support armed conflict in the Covered Countries to establish an alternative source of 3TG that does not support such conflict.

f. Work with the AIAG to define and improve best practices in order to build leverage over the supply chain in accordance with the OECD Guidance.

g. Work with the AIAG to help expand the list of conflict free smelters and refiners.

h. Monitor legislative changes to the Conflict Mineral rules to ensure compliance.

Smelter Identification
Number Input Column
Metal (*) Smelter Look-
up (*)
Smelter Name
Smelter Country (*) Smelter
Source of Smelter
Identification Number
Smelter Facility Location: State /
CID000004 Tungsten A.L.M.T. TUNGSTEN Corp.            JAPAN CID000004 RMI Toyama City Toyama
CID000015 Gold Advanced Chemical Company UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID000015 RMI Warwick Rhode Island
CID000019 Gold Aida Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID000019 RMI Fuchu Tokyo
CID000035 Gold Allgemeine Gold-und Silberscheideanstalt A.G. GERMANY CID000035 RMI Pforzheim Baden-Württemberg
CID000041 Gold Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex (AMMC) UZBEKISTAN CID000041 RMI Almalyk Toshkent
CID000058 Gold AngloGold Ashanti Corrego do Sitio Mineracao BRAZIL CID000058 RMI Nova Lima Minas Gerais
CID000077 Gold Argor-Heraeus S.A. SWITZERLAND CID000077 RMI Mendrisio Ticino
CID000082 Gold Asahi Pretec Corp. JAPAN CID000082 RMI Kobe Hyogo
CID000090 Gold Asaka Riken Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID000090 RMI Tamura Fukushima
CID000092 Tantalum Asaka Riken Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID000092 RMI Tamura Fukushima
CID000105 Tungsten Kennametal Huntsville UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID000105 RMI Huntsville Alabama
CID000113 Gold Aurubis AG GERMANY CID000113 RMI Hamburg Hamburg
CID000128 Gold Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) PHILIPPINES CID000128 RMI Quezon City Rizal
CID000157 Gold Boliden AB SWEDEN CID000157 RMI Skelleftehamn Västerbottens län [SE-24]
CID000176 Gold C. Hafner GmbH + Co. KG GERMANY CID000176 RMI Pforzheim Baden-Württemberg
CID000185 Gold CCR Refinery - Glencore Canada Corporation CANADA CID000185 RMI Montréal Quebec
CID000189 Gold Cendres + Metaux S.A. SWITZERLAND CID000189 RMI Biel-Bienne Bern

CID000211 Tantalum Changsha South Tantalum Niobium Co., Ltd.            CHINA CID000211 RMI Changsha Hunan
CID000218 Tungsten Guangdong Xianglu Tungsten Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000218 RMI Chaozhou Guangdong
CID000228 Tin Chenzhou Yunxiang Mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000228 RMI Chenzhou Hunan
CID000233 Gold Chimet S.p.A. ITALY CID000233 RMI Arezzo Toscana
CID000258 Tungsten Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000258 RMI Ganzhou Jiangxi
CID000291 Tantalum Guangdong Rising Rare Metals-EO Materials Ltd. CHINA CID000291 RMI Conghua Guangdong
CID000292 Tin Alpha UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID000292 RMI Altoona Pennsylvania
CID000306 Tin CV Gita Pesona INDONESIA CID000306 RMI Sungailiat Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID000309 Tin PT Aries Kencana Sejahtera INDONESIA CID000309 RMI Pemali Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID000313 Tin PT Premium Tin Indonesia INDONESIA CID000313 RMI Pangkalan Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID000315 Tin CV United Smelting INDONESIA CID000315 RMI Pangkal Pinang Kepulauan Bangka Belitung 
CID000328 Gold Daejin Indus Co., Ltd. KOREA, REPUBLIC OF CID000328 RMI Namdong-gu Incheon-gwangyeoksi
CID000359 Gold DSC (Do Sung Corporation) KOREA, REPUBLIC OF CID000359 RMI Gimpo Gyeonggi-do
CID000362 Gold DODUCO Contacts and Refining GmbH GERMANY CID000362 RMI Pforzheim Baden-Württemberg
CID000401 Gold Dowa JAPAN CID000401 RMI Kosaka Akita
CID000402 Tin Dowa JAPAN CID000402 RMI Kosaka Akita
CID000425 Gold Eco-System Recycling Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID000425 RMI Honjo Saitama
CID000456 Tantalum Exotech Inc. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID000456 RMI Pompano Beach Florida 
CID000460 Tantalum F&X Electro-Materials Ltd. CHINA CID000460 RMI Jiangmen Guangdong
CID000468 Tin Fenix Metals POLAND CID000468 RMI Chmielów Podkarpackie

CID000493 Gold OJSC Novosibirsk Refinery            RUSSIAN FEDERATION CID000493 RMI Novosibirsk Novosibirskaya oblast'
CID000499 Tungsten Fujian Jinxin Tungsten Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000499 RMI Yanshi Fujian
CID000538 Tin Gejiu Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000538 RMI Gejiu Yunnan
CID000555 Tin Gejiu Zili Mining And Metallurgy Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000555 RMI Gejiu Yunnan
CID000568 Tungsten Global Tungsten & Powders Corp. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID000568 RMI Towanda Pennsylvania
CID000616 Tantalum Guangdong Zhiyuan New Material Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000616 RMI Yingde Guangdong
CID000689 Gold HeeSung Metal Ltd. KOREA, REPUBLIC OF CID000689 RMI Seo-gu Incheon-gwangyeoksi
CID000694 Gold Heimerle + Meule GmbH GERMANY CID000694 RMI Pforzheim Baden-Württemberg
CID000707 Gold Heraeus Metals Hong Kong Ltd. CHINA CID000707 RMI Fanling Hong Kong
CID000711 Gold Heraeus Precious Metals GmbH & Co. KG GERMANY CID000711 RMI Hanau Hessen
CID000760 Tin Huichang Jinshunda Tin Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000760 RMI Ganzhou Jiangxi
CID000766 Tungsten Hunan Chenzhou Mining Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000766 RMI Yuanling Hunan
CID000769 Tungsten Hunan Chunchang Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000769 RMI Hengyang Hunan
CID000801 Gold Inner Mongolia Qiankun Gold and Silver Refinery Share Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000801 RMI Hohhot Nei Mongol
CID000807 Gold Ishifuku Metal Industry Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID000807 RMI Soka Saitama
CID000814 Gold Istanbul Gold Refinery           TURKEY CID000814 RMI Kuyumcukent Istanbul
CID000823 Gold Japan Mint JAPAN CID000823 RMI Osaka Osaka
CID000825 Tungsten Japan New Metals Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID000825 RMI Akita City Akita
CID000855 Gold Jiangxi Copper Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000855 RMI Guixi City Jiangxi

CID000875 Tungsten Ganzhou Huaxing Tungsten Products Co., Ltd.            CHINA CID000875 RMI Ganzhou Jiangxi
CID000914 Tantalum JiuJiang JinXin Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000914 RMI Jiujiang Jiangxi
CID000917 Tantalum Jiujiang Tanbre Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000917 RMI Jiujiang Jiangxi
CID000920 Gold Asahi Refining USA Inc. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID000920 RMI Salt Lake City Utah
CID000924 Gold Asahi Refining Canada Ltd. CANADA CID000924 RMI Brampton Ontario
CID000929 Gold JSC Uralelectromed RUSSIAN FEDERATION CID000929 RMI Verkhnyaya Pyshma Sverdlovskaya oblast'
CID000937 Gold JX Nippon Mining & Metals Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID000937 RMI Ōita Ôita
CID000942 Tin Gejiu Kai Meng Industry and Trade LLC CHINA CID000942 RMI Gejiu Yunnan
CID000957 Gold Kazzinc KAZAKHSTAN CID000957 RMI Ust-Kamenogorsk Qaraghandy oblysy 
CID000966 Tungsten Kennametal Fallon UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID000966 RMI Fallon Nevada
CID000969 Gold Kennecott Utah Copper LLC UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID000969 RMI Magna Utah
CID000981 Gold Kojima Chemicals Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID000981 RMI Sayama Saitama
CID001029 Gold Kyrgyzaltyn JSC KYRGYZSTAN CID001029 RMI Bishkek Chüy
CID001070 Tin China Tin Group Co., Ltd. CHINA CID001070 RMI Laibin Guangxi
CID001076 Tantalum LSM Brasil S.A. BRAZIL CID001076 RMI São João del Rei Minas Gerais
CID001078 Gold LS-NIKKO Copper Inc. KOREA, REPUBLIC OF CID001078 RMI Onsan-eup Ulsan-gwangyeoksi
CID001105 Tin Malaysia Smelting Corporation (MSC) MALAYSIA CID001105 RMI Butterworth Pulau Pinang
CID001113 Gold Materion UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID001113 RMI Buffalo New York
CID001119 Gold Matsuda Sangyo Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID001119 RMI Iruma Saitama
CID001142 Tin Metallic Resources, Inc. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID001142 RMI Twinsburg Ohio
CID001147 Gold Metalor Technologies (Suzhou) Ltd.            CHINA CID001147 RMI Suzhou Jiangsu

CID001149 Gold Metalor Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd.            CHINA CID001149 RMI Kwai Chung Hong Kong
CID001152 Gold Metalor Technologies (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. SINGAPORE CID001152 RMI Singapore South West
CID001153 Gold Metalor Technologies S.A. SWITZERLAND CID001153 RMI Marin Neuchâtel
CID001157 Gold Metalor USA Refining Corporation UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID001157 RMI North Attleboro Massachusetts
CID001161 Gold Metalurgica Met-Mex Penoles S.A. De C.V. MEXICO CID001161 RMI Torreon Coahuila de Zaragoza
CID001163 Tantalum Metallurgical Products India Pvt., Ltd. INDIA CID001163 RMI District Raigad Maharashtra
CID001173 Tin Mineracao Taboca S.A. BRAZIL CID001173 RMI Bairro Guarapiranga São Paulo
CID001175 Tantalum Mineracao Taboca S.A. BRAZIL CID001175 RMI Presidente Figueiredo Amazonas
CID001182 Tin Minsur PERU CID001182 RMI Paracas Ika
CID001188 Gold Mitsubishi Materials Corporation JAPAN CID001188 RMI Naoshima Kagawa
CID001191 Tin Mitsubishi Materials Corporation JAPAN CID001191 RMI Asago Hyogo
CID001192 Tantalum Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID001192 RMI Omuta Fukuoka
CID001193 Gold Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID001193 RMI Takehara Hiroshima
CID001200 Tantalum NPM Silmet AS ESTONIA CID001200 RMI Sillamäe Ida-Virumaa
CID001204 Gold Moscow Special Alloys Processing Plant RUSSIAN FEDERATION CID001204 RMI Obrucheva Moskva
CID001220 Gold Nadir Metal Rafineri San. Ve Tic. A.S. TURKEY CID001220 RMI Bahçelievler Istanbul
CID001231 Tin Jiangxi New Nanshan Technology Ltd. CHINA CID001231 RMI Ganzhou Jiangxi
CID001259 Gold Nihon Material Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID001259 RMI Noda Chiba

CID001277 Tantalum Ningxia Orient Tantalum Industry Co., Ltd.            CHINA CID001277 RMI Shizuishan City Ningxia
CID001314 Tin O.M. Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. THAILAND CID001314 RMI Nongkham Sriracha Chon Buri
CID001325 Gold Ohura Precious Metal Industry Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID001325 RMI Nara-shi Nara
CID001326 Gold OJSC "The Gulidov Krasnoyarsk Non-Ferrous Metals Plant" (OJSC Krastsvetmet) RUSSIAN FEDERATION CID001326 RMI Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarskiy kray
CID001337 Tin Operaciones Metalurgical S.A. BOLIVIA (PLURINATIONAL STATE OF) CID001337 RMI Oruro Oruro
CID001352 Gold PAMP S.A. SWITZERLAND CID001352 RMI Castel San Pietro Ticino
CID001386 Gold Prioksky Plant of Non-Ferrous Metals RUSSIAN FEDERATION CID001386 RMI Kasimov Ryazanskaya oblast'
CID001397 Gold PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) Tbk INDONESIA CID001397 RMI Jakarta Jakarta Raya
CID001399 Tin PT Artha Cipta Langgeng INDONESIA CID001399 RMI Sungailiat Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID001402 Tin PT Babel Inti Perkasa INDONESIA CID001402 RMI Lintang Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
Tin Smelter not listed PT Babel Surya Alam Lestari INDONESIA CID001406 RMI 0 0
CID001419 Tin PT Bangka Tin Industry            INDONESIA CID001419 RMI Sungailiat Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID001421 Tin PT Belitung Industri Sejahtera INDONESIA CID001421 RMI Pegantungan Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID001428 Tin PT Bukit Timah INDONESIA CID001428 RMI Pangkal Pinang Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID001434 Tin PT DS Jaya Abadi INDONESIA CID001434 RMI Pangkal Pinang Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID001448 Tin PT Karimun Mining INDONESIA CID001448 RMI Karimun Kepulauan Riau
CID001453 Tin PT Mitra Stania Prima INDONESIA CID001453 RMI Sungailiat Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID001457 Tin PT Panca Mega Persada INDONESIA CID001457 RMI Sungailiat Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID001458 Tin PT Prima Timah Utama INDONESIA CID001458 RMI Pangkal Pinang Kepulauan Bangka Belitung

CID001460 Tin PT Refined Bangka Tin           INDONESIA CID001460 RMI Sungailiat Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID001463 Tin PT Sariwiguna Binasentosa INDONESIA CID001463 RMI Pangkal Pinang Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID001468 Tin PT Stanindo Inti Perkasa INDONESIA CID001468 RMI Pangkal Pinang Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID001471 Tin PT Sumber Jaya Indah INDONESIA CID001471 RMI Pangkal Pinang Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID001477 Tin PT Timah (Persero) Tbk Kundur INDONESIA CID001477 RMI Kundur Riau
CID001482 Tin PT Timah (Persero) Tbk Mentok INDONESIA CID001482 RMI Mentok Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID001490 Tin PT Tinindo Inter Nusa INDONESIA CID001490 RMI Pangkal Pinang Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID001493 Tin PT Tommy Utama INDONESIA CID001493 RMI Sumping Desa Batu Peyu Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID001498 Gold PX Precinox S.A. SWITZERLAND CID001498 RMI La Chaux-de-Fonds Neuchâtel
CID001508 Tantalum QuantumClean UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID001508 RMI Fremont California
CID001512 Gold Rand Refinery (Pty) Ltd. SOUTH AFRICA CID001512 RMI Germiston Gauteng
CID001522 Tantalum RFH Tantalum Smeltery Co., Ltd./Yanling Jincheng Tantalum & Niobium Co., Ltd. CHINA CID001522 RMI Zhuzhou Hunan
CID001534 Gold Royal Canadian Mint CANADA CID001534 RMI Ottawa Ontario
CID001539 Tin Rui Da Hung TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA CID001539 RMI Taoyuan Taoyuan
CID001585 Gold SEMPSA Joyeria Plateria S.A. SPAIN CID001585 RMI Madrid Madrid, Comunidad de
CID001622 Gold Shandong Zhaojin Gold & Silver Refinery Co., Ltd. CHINA CID001622 RMI Zhaoyuan Shandong
CID001736 Gold Sichuan Tianze Precious Metals Co., Ltd. CHINA CID001736 RMI Chengdu Sichuan
CID001756 Gold SOE Shyolkovsky Factory of Secondary Precious Metals RUSSIAN FEDERATION CID001756 RMI Shyolkovo Moskovskaja oblast'
CID001758 Tin Soft Metais Ltda.            BRAZIL CID001758 RMI Bebedouro São Paulo

CID001761 Gold Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp.            TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA CID001761 RMI Tainan City Tainan
CID001769 Tantalum Solikamsk Magnesium Works OAO RUSSIAN FEDERATION CID001769 RMI Solikamsk Permskiy kray
CID001798 Gold Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID001798 RMI Saijo Ehime
CID001869 Tantalum Taki Chemical Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID001869 RMI Harima Hyogo
CID001875 Gold Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. JAPAN CID001875 RMI Hiratsuka Kanagawa
CID001889 Tungsten Tejing (Vietnam) Tungsten Co., Ltd. VIET NAM CID001889 RMI Halong City Tây Ninh
CID001891 Tantalum Telex Metals UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID001891 RMI Croydon Pennsylvania
CID001898 Tin Thaisarco THAILAND CID001898 RMI Amphur Muang Phuket
CID001908 Tin Gejiu Yunxin Nonferrous Electrolysis Co., Ltd. CHINA CID001908 RMI Gejiu Yunnan
CID001916 Gold The Refinery of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. CHINA CID001916 RMI Laizhou Shandong
CID001938 Gold Tokuriki Honten Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID001938 RMI Kuki Saitama
CID001955 Gold Torecom KOREA, REPUBLIC OF CID001955 RMI Asan Chungcheongnam-do
CID001969 Tantalum Ulba Metallurgical Plant JSC KAZAKHSTAN CID001969 RMI Ust-Kamenogorsk Qaraghandy oblysy
CID001977 Gold Umicore Brasil Ltda. BRAZIL CID001977 RMI Guarulhos São Paulo
CID001980 Gold Umicore S.A. Business Unit Precious Metals Refining BELGIUM CID001980 RMI Hoboken Antwerpen
CID001993 Gold United Precious Metal Refining, Inc. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID001993 RMI Alden New York
CID002003 Gold Valcambi S.A. SWITZERLAND CID002003 RMI Balerna Ticino
CID002030 Gold Western Australian Mint (T/a The Perth Mint) AUSTRALIA CID002030 RMI Newburn Western Australia
CID002036 Tin White Solder Metalurgia e Mineracao Ltda. BRAZIL CID002036 RMI Ariquemes Rondônia

CID002044 Tungsten Wolfram Bergbau und Hutten AG            AUSTRIA CID002044 RMI St. Martin i-S Steiermark
CID002082 Tungsten Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002082 RMI Xiamen Fujian
CID002095 Tungsten Xinhai Rendan Shaoguan Tungsten Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002095 RMI Shaoguan Guangdong
CID002100 Gold Yamakin Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID002100 RMI Konan Kochi
CID002129 Gold Yokohama Metal Co., Ltd. JAPAN CID002129 RMI Sagamihara Kanagawa
CID002158 Tin Yunnan Chengfeng Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002158 RMI Gejiu Yunnan
CID002180 Tin Yunnan Tin Company Limited CHINA CID002180 RMI Gejiu Yunnan
CID002224 Gold Zhongyuan Gold Smelter of Zhongjin Gold Corporation CHINA CID002224 RMI Sanmenxia Henan
CID002243 Gold Gold Refinery of Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002243 RMI Shanghang Fujian
CID002314 Gold Umicore Precious Metals Thailand THAILAND CID002314 RMI Khwaeng Dok Mai Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
CID002315 Tungsten Ganzhou Jiangwu Ferrotungsten Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002315 RMI Ganzhou Jiangxi
CID002316 Tungsten Jiangxi Yaosheng Tungsten Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002316 RMI Ganzhou Jiangxi
CID002317 Tungsten Jiangxi Xinsheng Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002317 RMI Ganzhou Jiangxi
CID002318 Tungsten Jiangxi Tonggu Non-ferrous Metallurgical & Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002318 RMI Tonggu Jiangxi
CID002319 Tungsten Malipo Haiyu Tungsten Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002319 RMI Nanfeng Xiaozhai Yunnan

CID002320 Tungsten Xiamen Tungsten (H.C.) Co., Ltd.            CHINA CID002320 RMI Xiamen Fujian
CID002321 Tungsten Jiangxi Gan Bei Tungsten Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002321 RMI Xiushui Jiangxi
CID002455 Tin CV Venus Inti Perkasa INDONESIA CID002455 RMI Pangkal Pinang Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID002459 Gold Geib Refining Corporation UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID002459 RMI Warwick Rhode Island
CID002468 Tin Magnu's Minerais Metais e Ligas Ltda. BRAZIL CID002468 RMI São João del Rei Minas Gerais
Tin Smelter not listed PT Tirus Putra Mandiri INDONESIA CID002478 RMI 0 0
CID002492 Tantalum Hengyang King Xing Lifeng New Materials Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002492 RMI Hengyang Hunan
CID002494 Tungsten Ganzhou Seadragon W & Mo Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002494 RMI Ganzhou Jiangxi
CID002500 Tin Melt Metais e Ligas S.A. BRAZIL CID002500 RMI Ariquemes Rondônia
CID002502 Tungsten Asia Tungsten Products Vietnam Ltd. VIET NAM CID002502 RMI Vinh Bao District Hai Phong
CID002503 Tin PT ATD Makmur Mandiri Jaya INDONESIA CID002503 RMI Sungailiat Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID002504 Tantalum D Block Metals, LLC UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID002504 RMI Gastonia North Carolina
CID002505 Tantalum FIR Metals & Resource Ltd. CHINA CID002505 RMI Zhuzhou Hunan
CID002506 Tantalum Jiujiang Zhongao Tantalum & Niobium Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002506 RMI Jiujiang Jiangxi
CID002508 Tantalum XinXing HaoRong Electronic Material Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002508 RMI YunFu City Guangdong
CID002509 Gold MMTC-PAMP India Pvt., Ltd. INDIA CID002509 RMI Mewat Haryana
CID002512 Tantalum Jiangxi Dinghai Tantalum & Niobium Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002512 RMI Fengxin Jiangxi
CID002513 Tungsten Chenzhou Diamond Tungsten Products Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002513 RMI Chenzhou Hunan

CID002516 Gold Singway Technology Co., Ltd.            TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA CID002516 RMI Dayuan Taoyuan
CID002517 Tin O.M. Manufacturing Philippines, Inc. PHILIPPINES CID002517 RMI Rosario Cavite
CID002530 Tin PT Inti Stania Prima INDONESIA CID002530 RMI Sungailiat Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID002539 Tantalum KEMET Blue Metals MEXICO CID002539 RMI Matamoros Tamaulipas
CID002541 Tungsten H.C. Starck Tungsten GmbH GERMANY CID002541 RMI Goslar Niedersachsen
CID002542 Tungsten H.C. Starck Smelting GmbH & Co. KG GERMANY CID002542 RMI Laufenburg Baden-Württemberg
CID002543 Tungsten Nui Phao H.C. Starck Tungsten Chemicals Manufacturing LLC VIET NAM CID002543 RMI Dai Tu Thái Nguyên
CID002544 Tantalum H.C. Starck Co., Ltd. THAILAND CID002544 RMI Map Ta Phut Rayong
CID002545 Tantalum H.C. Starck Tantalum and Niobium GmbH GERMANY CID002545 RMI Goslar Niedersachsen
CID002547 Tantalum H.C. Starck Hermsdorf GmbH GERMANY CID002547 RMI Hermsdorf Thüringen
CID002548 Tantalum H.C. Starck Inc. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID002548 RMI Newton Massachusetts
CID002549 Tantalum H.C. Starck Ltd. JAPAN CID002549 RMI Mito Ibaraki
CID002550 Tantalum H.C. Starck Smelting GmbH & Co. KG GERMANY CID002550 RMI Laufenburg Baden-Württemberg
CID002551 Tungsten Jiangwu H.C. Starck Tungsten Products Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002551 RMI Ganzhou Jiangxi
CID002557 Tantalum Global Advanced Metals Boyertown UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID002557 RMI Boyertown Pennsylvania
CID002558 Tantalum Global Advanced Metals Aizu JAPAN CID002558 RMI Aizuwakamatsu Fukushima
CID002560 Gold Al Etihad Gold LLC UNITED ARAB EMIRATES CID002560 RMI Dubai Dubayy
CID002561 Gold Emirates Gold DMCC UNITED ARAB EMIRATES CID002561 RMI Dubai Dubayy
CID002568 Tantalum KEMET Blue Powder UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID002568 RMI Mound House Nevada
CID002570 Tin CV Ayi Jaya INDONESIA CID002570 RMI Sungailiat Kepulauan Bangka Belitung

CID002579 Tungsten Hunan Chuangda Vanadium Tungsten Co., Ltd. Wuji            CHINA CID002579 RMI Hengyang Hunan
CID002580 Gold T.C.A S.p.A ITALY CID002580 RMI Capolona Toscana
CID002582 Gold Remondis Argentia B.V. NETHERLANDS CID002582 RMI Moerdijk Noord-Brabant
CID002589 Tungsten Niagara Refining LLC UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID002589 RMI Depew New York
CID002592 Tin CV Dua Sekawan INDONESIA CID002592 RMI Pangkal Pinang Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID002593 Tin CV Tiga Sekawan INDONESIA CID002593 RMI Pangkal Pinang Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID002605 Gold Korea Zinc Co., Ltd. KOREA, REPUBLIC OF CID002605 RMI Gangnam Seoul-teukbyeolsi
CID002606 Gold Marsam Metals           BRAZIL CID002606 RMI Sao Paulo São Paulo
CID002645 Tungsten Ganzhou Haichuang Tungsten Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002645 RMI Ganzhou Jiangxi
CID002649 Tungsten Hydrometallurg, JSC RUSSIAN FEDERATION CID002649 RMI Nalchik Kabardino-Balkarskaya Respublika
CID002706 Tin Resind Industria e Comercio Ltda. BRAZIL CID002706 RMI São João del Rei Minas gerais
CID002707 Tantalum Resind Industria e Comercio Ltda. BRAZIL CID002707 RMI São João del Rei Minas gerais
CID002724 Tungsten Unecha Refractory metals plant RUSSIAN FEDERATION CID002724 RMI Unecha Bryanskaya oblast'
CID002761 Gold SAAMP FRANCE CID002761 RMI Paris Île-de-France
CID002762 Gold L'Orfebre S.A. ANDORRA CID002762 RMI

Andorra la Vella

Andorra la Vella
CID002765 Gold Italpreziosi ITALY CID002765 RMI Arezzo Toscana
CID002773 Tin Metallo Belgium N.V. BELGIUM CID002773 RMI Beerse Antwerpen
CID002774 Tin Metallo Spain S.L.U. SPAIN CID002774 RMI Berango Bizkaia
CID002776 Tin PT Bangka Prima Tin INDONESIA CID002776 RMI Air Mesu Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID002777 Gold SAXONIA Edelmetalle GmbH GERMANY CID002777 RMI Halsbrücke Sachsen
CID002778 Gold WIELAND Edelmetalle GmbH GERMANY CID002778 RMI Pforzheim Baden-Württemberg

CID002779 Gold Ogussa Osterreichische Gold- und Silber- Scheideanstalt GmbH            AUSTRIA CID002779 RMI Vienna Wien
CID002815 Tungsten South-East Nonferrous Metal Company Limited of Hengyang City CHINA CID002815 RMI Hengyang Hunan
CID002816 Tin PT Sukses Inti Makmur INDONESIA CID002816 RMI Sungai Samak Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID002827 Tungsten Philippine Chuangxin Industrial Co., Inc. PHILIPPINES CID002827 RMI Marilao Bulacan
CID002829 Tin PT Kijang Jaya Mandiri INDONESIA CID002829 RMI Sungailiat Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID002830 Tungsten Xinfeng Huarui Tungsten & Molybdenum New Material Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002830 RMI Ganzhou Jiangxi
CID002833 Tungsten ACL Metais Eireli BRAZIL CID002833 RMI Araçariguama São Paulo
CID002835 Tin PT Menara Cipta Mulia INDONESIA CID002835 RMI Mentawak Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID002842 Tantalum Jiangxi Tuohong New Raw Material CHINA CID002842 RMI Yichun Jiangxi
CID002843 Tungsten Woltech Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA, REPUBLIC OF CID002843 RMI Gyeongju-si Gyeongsangbuk-do
CID002845 Tungsten Moliren Ltd. RUSSIAN FEDERATION CID002845 RMI Roshal Moskovskaja oblast'
CID002847 Tantalum Power Resources Ltd. MACEDONIA, THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF CID002847 RMI Skopje Skopje
CID002848 Tin Gejiu Fengming Metallurgy Chemical Plant CHINA CID002848 RMI Gejiu Yunnan
CID002849 Tin Guanyang Guida Nonferrous Metal Smelting Plant CHINA CID002849 RMI Guanyang Guangxi
CID002850 Gold AU Traders and Refiners SOUTH AFRICA CID002850 RMI Johannesburg Gauteng
CID002858 Tin Modeltech Sdn Bhd MALAYSIA CID002858 RMI Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Rambai Melaka
CID002859 Tin Gejiu Jinye Mineral Company CHINA CID002859 RMI Jijie Yunnan

CID002870 Tin PT Lautan Harmonis Sejahtera            INDONESIA CID002870 RMI Pasir Putih Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID002918 Gold SungEel HiMetal Co., Ltd. KOREA, REPUBLIC OF CID002918 RMI Gunsan-si Jeollabuk-do
CID002919 Gold Planta Recuperadora de Metales SpA CHILE CID002919 RMI Mejillones Antofagasta
CID002973 Gold Safimet S.p.A ITALY CID002973 RMI Arezzo Toscana
CID003116 Tin Guangdong Hanhe Non-Ferrous Metal Co., Ltd. CHINA CID003116 RMI Chaozhou Guangdong
CID003190 Tin Chifeng Dajingzi Tin Industry Co., Ltd. CHINA CID003190 RMI Chifeng Nei Mongol
CID003191 Tantalum Jiujiang Janny New Material Co., Ltd. CHINA CID003191 RMI Jiujiang Jiangxi
CID003195 Gold DS PRETECH Co., Ltd. KOREA, REPUBLIC OF CID003195 RMI Chopyeong-myeon Chungcheongbuk-do
CID003205 Tin PT Bangka Serumpun INDONESIA CID003205 RMI Pangkalpinang Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
CID003325 Tin Tin Technology & Refining UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID003325 RMI West Chester Pennsylvania
CID000264 Gold Chugai Mining JAPAN CID000264 RMI Chiyoda Tokyo
CID002511 Gold KGHM Polska Miedz Spolka Akcyjna POLAND CID002511 RMI Lubin Dolnośląskie
CID002863 Gold Bangalore Refinery INDIA CID002863 RMI Bangalore Karnataka
CID003182 Tungsten Hunan Litian Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd. CHINA CID003182 RMI Yiyang Hunan
CID003189 Gold NH Recytech Company KOREA, REPUBLIC OF CID003189 RMI Pyeongtaek-si Gyeonggi-do
CID000103 Gold Atasay Kuyumculuk Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S. TURKEY CID000103 RMI Istanbul Istanbul
CID000180 Gold Caridad MEXICO CID000180 RMI Nacozari Sonora
CID000197 Gold Yunnan Copper Industry Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000197 RMI Kunming Yunnan
CID000244 Tin Jiangxi Ketai Advanced Material Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000244 RMI Yichun Jiangxi
CID000278 Tin CNMC (Guangxi) PGMA Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000278 RMI Hezhou Guangxi

CID000343 Gold Daye Non-Ferrous Metals Mining Ltd.            CHINA CID000343 RMI Huangshi Hubei
CID000410 Tantalum Duoluoshan CHINA CID000410 RMI Sihui City Guangdong
CID000448 Tin Estanho de Rondonia S.A. BRAZIL CID000448 RMI Ariquemes Rondônia
CID000522 Gold Refinery of Seemine Gold Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000522 RMI Lanzhou Gansu
CID000651 Gold Guoda Safina High-Tech Environmental Refinery Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000651 RMI Zhaoyuan Shandong
CID000671 Gold Hangzhou Fuchunjiang Smelting Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000671 RMI Fuyang Zhejiang
CID000767 Gold Hunan Chenzhou Mining Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000767 RMI Yuanling Hunan
CID000773 Gold Hunan Guiyang yinxing Nonferrous Smelting Co., Ltd. CHINA CID000773 RMI Chenzhou Hunan
CID000778 Gold HwaSeong CJ CO., LTD. KOREA, REPUBLIC OF CID000778 RMI Danwon Gyeonggi-do
CID000956 Gold Kazakhmys Smelting LLC KAZAKHSTAN CID000956 RMI Balkhash Qaraghandy oblysy
CID001032 Gold L'azurde Company For Jewelry SAUDI ARABIA CID001032 RMI Riyadh Ar Riyāḑ
CID001056 Gold Lingbao Gold Co., Ltd. CHINA CID001056 RMI Lingbao Henan
CID001058 Gold Lingbao Jinyuan Tonghui Refinery Co., Ltd. CHINA CID001058 RMI Lingbao Henan
CID001093 Gold Luoyang Zijin Yinhui Gold Refinery Co., Ltd. CHINA CID001093 RMI Luoyang Henan
CID001236 Gold Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat UZBEKISTAN CID001236 RMI Navoi Navoiy
CID001322 Gold Elemetal Refining, LLC UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID001322 RMI Jackson Ohio
CID001362 Gold Penglai Penggang Gold Industry Co., Ltd. CHINA CID001362 RMI Penglai Shandong

CID001438 Tin PT Eunindo Usaha Mandiri            INDONESIA CID001438 RMI Karimun Kepulauan Riau
CID001546 Gold Sabin Metal Corp. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID001546 RMI Williston North Dakota
CID001555 Gold Samduck Precious Metals KOREA, REPUBLIC OF CID001555 RMI Namdong Incheon-gwangyeoksi
CID001562 Gold Samwon Metals Corp. KOREA, REPUBLIC OF CID001562 RMI Changwon Gyeongsangnam-do
CID001573 Gold Schone Edelmetaal B.V. NETHERLANDS CID001573 RMI Amsterdam Noord-Holland
CID001619 Gold Shandong Tiancheng Biological Gold Industrial Co., Ltd. CHINA CID001619 RMI Laizhou Shandong
CID001909 Gold Great Wall Precious Metals Co., Ltd. of CBPM CHINA CID001909 RMI Chengdu Sichuan
CID001947 Gold Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd. CHINA CID001947 RMI Tongling Anhui
CID002011 Tungsten Vietnam Youngsun Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd. VIET NAM CID002011 RMI Halong City Quảng Ninh
CID002282 Gold Morris and Watson NEW ZEALAND CID002282 RMI Onehunga Auckland
CID002307 Tantalum Yichun Jin Yang Rare Metal Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002307 RMI Yifeng Jiangxi
CID002312 Gold Guangdong Jinding Gold Limited CHINA CID002312 RMI Guangzhou Guangdong
CID002313 Tungsten Jiangxi Minmetals Gao'an Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002313 RMI Gao'an Jiangxi
CID002510 Gold Republic Metals Corporation UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID002510 RMI Miami Florida
CID002515 Gold Fidelity Printers and Refiners Ltd. ZIMBABWE CID002515 RMI Msasa Harare
CID002535 Tungsten Jiangxi Xiushui Xianggan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002535 RMI Xiushui Jiangxi
CID002536 Tungsten Ganzhou Yatai Tungsten Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002536 RMI Ganzhou Jiangxi

CID002563 Gold Kaloti Precious Metals            UNITED ARAB EMIRATES CID002563 RMI Dubai Dubayy
CID002567 Gold Sudan Gold Refinery SUDAN CID002567 RMI Khartoum Khartoum
CID002572 Tin Electro-Mechanical Facility of the Cao Bang Minerals & Metallurgy Joint Stock Company VIET NAM CID002572 RMI Tinh Tuc Cao Bằng
CID002573 Tin Nghe Tinh Non-Ferrous Metals Joint Stock Company VIET NAM CID002573 RMI Quy Hop Nghệ An
CID002574 Tin Tuyen Quang Non-Ferrous Metals Joint Stock Company VIET NAM CID002574 RMI Tan Quang Tuyên Quang
CID002587 Gold Tony Goetz NV BELGIUM CID002587 RMI Antwerp Antwerpen
CID002615 Gold TOO Tau-Ken-Altyn KAZAKHSTAN CID002615 RMI Astana Almaty
CID002647 Tungsten Jiangxi Dayu Longxintai Tungsten Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002647 RMI Huanglong Jiangxi
CID002703 Tin An Vinh Joint Stock Mineral Processing Company VIET NAM CID002703 RMI Quy Hop Nghệ An
CID002708 Gold Abington Reldan Metals, LLC UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID002708 RMI Fairless Hills Pennsylvania
CID002756 Tin Super Ligas BRAZIL CID002756 RMI Piracicaba São Paulo
CID002844 Tin HuiChang Hill Tin Industry Co., Ltd. CHINA CID002844 RMI Ganzhou Jiangxi
CID002852 Gold GCC Gujrat Gold Centre Pvt. Ltd. INDIA CID002852 RMI Ahmedabad Gujarat
CID002853 Gold Sai Refinery INDIA CID002853 RMI Parwanoo Himachal Pradesh
CID002854 Gold Universal Precious Metals Refining Zambia ZAMBIA CID002854 RMI Lusaka Lusaka
CID002857 Gold Modeltech Sdn Bhd MALAYSIA CID002857 RMI Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Rambai Melaka
CID002865 Gold Kyshtym Copper-Electrolytic Plant ZAO RUSSIAN FEDERATION CID002865 RMI Kyshtym Chelyabinskaya oblast'

CID002866 Gold Morris and Watson Gold Coast            AUSTRALIA CID002866 RMI Gold Coast Queensland
CID002867 Gold Degussa Sonne / Mond Goldhandel GmbH GERMANY CID002867 RMI Pforzheim Baden-Württemberg
CID002872 Gold Pease & Curren UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID002872 RMI Warwick Rhode Island
CID003153 Gold State Research Institute Center for Physical Sciences and Technology LITHUANIA CID003153 RMI Vilnius Vilnius
CID003185 Gold African Gold Refinery UGANDA CID003185 RMI Entebbe Wakiso
CID003208 Tin Pongpipat Company Limited MYANMAR CID003208 RMI Yangon Yangon
CID003324 Gold QG Refining, LLC UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CID003324 RMI Fairfield Ohio