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Corporate Governance - Highlights
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Meritor is committed to good corporate governance. This commitment dates back to the creation of the company in 1997, when Meritor Automotive, Inc. was spun off from Rockwell International Corporation, and continued through the merger of Meritor with Arvin Industries, Inc. in 2000.

The foundations of our corporate governance principles and practices are (i) an independent and engaged board of directors, whose primary responsibility is to Meritor's shareowners, (ii) our commitment to ethical behavior and standards of business conduct, (iii) our system of internal controls and internal audit, and (iv) the accessibility of employees and shareowners to management and the board to report concerns about violations of ethical standards and other issues of business conduct.

We have established procedures for shareowners and other interested parties to communicate directly with members of the Board of Directors.

To report any concerns you have relating to Meritor's internal controls, accounting or auditing, you can contact the Board's Audit Committee directly by mail or by e-mail.

By mail:By email:
Meritor Audit Committee audit.committee@meritor.com
33717 Woodward Ave.
PMB 407
Birmingham, MI 48009

If you are a shareowner, you can contact the Board directly, on a confidential basis, by mail. All communications made by this means will be received directly by the Chairman of the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee.

By mail:
Meritor Board of Directors
33717 Woodward Ave.
PMB 335
Birmingham, MI 48009

Committee Charters
Audit Committee
Compensation & Management Development Committee
Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee
Other Documents
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationGuidelines
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationCode of Ethics
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationInsider Trading Policy
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationInternal Audit Charter
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