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AM General Subsidiary General Engine Products Selects ArvinMeritor to Provide ActiveClean(TM) Atomizer Technology for Diesel Engines

Emerging technology will be key element of emissions control system on General Engine Products' Optimizer engines for military and commercial applications

TROY, Mich., April 3 /PRNewswire/ -- ArvinMeritor (NYSE: ARM) and General Engine Products (GEP), a solely owned subsidiary of AM General, today jointly announced an agreement under which ArvinMeritor will supply its ActiveClean(TM) Atomizer technology, as part of the emissions control aftertreatment system for GEP's 2007 Optimizer 6500 V8 TurboDiesel engine line. The aftertreatment system will help the Optimizer engines meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) engine emissions regulations that go into effect in 2007.

"ArvinMeritor's Atomizer product provides uniform disbursement of diesel fuel into the exhaust stream at the optimal particle size, so that the fuel can provide efficient regeneration of a diesel particulate filter and/or a lean NOx trap," said Silvio Angori, general manager of ArvinMeritor's Commercial Vehicle Emissions business. "Unlike systems utilizing engine post- injection, the Atomizer does not contribute to engine oil dilution and thus has no detrimental effect on engine durability."

The Atomizer is part of a system of aftertreatment components that process diesel engine exhaust to enable engines to meet stringent 2007 EPA emissions regulations. GEP will also utilize exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), oxidation catalysts, particulate filters and NOx traps to meet the new emissions standards, according to Jeff Dowell, director of GEP Engine Engineering.

Optimizer engines equipped with the Atomizer will be available for applications such as buses, delivery trucks, and other commercial engine users.

ArvinMeritor has a long history in developing advanced emissions-control technologies, starting with the catalytic converter introduced in the 1970s. Its portfolio of advanced emissions-control technologies for the commercial vehicle market includes Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems, the ActiveClean Thermal Regulator, Thermal Enhancer and Plasma Fuel Reformer. The company also is researching technologies that target both particulate matter and NOx to meet stringent emissions requirements in the United States, Europe and Japan.

AM General, LLC is a world leader in the design, engineering, production and technical support of military and special purpose vehicles, including the HMMWV or High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle (or Humvee(R)), the mainstay light tactical vehicle of the U.S. military since 1985. The company also assembles the Hummer(R) H1 and H2 benchmark SUVs for General Motors. AM General corporate offices are in South Bend, Ind. For additional information, visit the Website: www.amgeneral.com.

General Engine Products (GEP), a solely owned subsidiary of AM General, LLC, produces the Optimizer 6500 V8 diesel engine at its 92,000-sq. ft. Franklin, Ohio, assembly plant. This engine is used in new HMMWVs, HUMMER(R) H1s, and as a service replacement engine for numerous vehicles and in marine applications.

ArvinMeritor, Inc. is a premier $8.8 billion global supplier of a broad range of integrated systems, modules and components to the motor vehicle industry. The company serves light vehicle, commercial truck, trailer and specialty original equipment manufacturers and certain aftermarkets. Headquartered in Troy, Mich., ArvinMeritor employs approximately 29,000 people at more than 120 manufacturing facilities in 25 countries. ArvinMeritor common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ARM. For more information, visit the company's Web site at: www.arvinmeritor.com.

SOURCE ArvinMeritor, Inc.

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ArvinMeritor, Inc.

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AM General, LLC

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